Coming in February from Little, Brown, and available for pre-order now!

Marabel and the Book of Fate

Coming February, 2018 from Little, Brown, and Company
Published in France by Bayard Presse

Free-spirited and plucky Marabel must defy expectations to rescue her brother—and their kingdom—in the first book of a charming, action-packed, and exciting new middle grade fantasy series.

Remarkably timely with its exploration of feminism and social justice, this fantasy title empowers as much as it entertains. . . . Marabel’s journey helps her realize she’s more than an overshadowed sibling and that outsiders may not be the strangers she’s always feared. By acknowledging her strengths and accepting her weaknesses, she is able to rescue her brother and unite the kingdoms through working alongside those who previously opposed her. . . . This subversive hero’s quest champions the concepts of gender equality and embracing differences while also delivering an engrossing, laugh-filled adventure.

Young readers will enjoy the modern day references, such as a video game called “Impcraft” and bracelets that accept phone calls that are mixed with common fairy tale themes.
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[O]ne of those writers that can tap into younger fantasy worlds with skill and aplomb.
— Elizabeth Bird, Fuse #8 (SLJ)

The scariness was just the right amount and it was perfect in all ways. My favorite part of this book was how brave Marabel was to go on a journey to save her brother. Especially since his being gone could have meant that she would become the leader. Such courage! Such bravery!
— "Emmie Enchanted" (8-year-old blogger at Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them)

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