Tracy Barrett in freefall over Lodi, California

Freefall Summer

Coming April, 2018 from Charlesbridge Teen
One of Barnes & Noble's "10 Most Anticipated YA Indie Books of 2018"

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[T]his book is unique in two ways. First, it gives a fascinating look into the culture of skydiving. And, second, teen readers get to watch Clancy grow from a state of emotional isolation to one of real connection through healthy relationships. Freefall Summer models healthy emotional growth, a process which baffles many teens. . . .
      Readers may be surprised that the scariest realization in this book has nothing to do with skydiving, as Clancy faces her own imminent independence: “From now on I’d be in charge of my own life-the good parts and the bad parts,” she thinks, “and if things didn’t work out the way I planned, I’d pull my own reserve and land on my own two feet.” Clancy Edwards is a character who will inspire both teen and adult readers to take the leap into their own wild blue yonders, reminding them to own their actions-and pack their own parachutes.
Chapter 16

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