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New York Times bestselling author Ruta Sepetys says: "A brilliant and innovative retelling of a classic that gives entirely new meaning to the term 'Cinderella story'." In a starred review, Kirkus says: "Highly imaginative as well as insightful, this outstanding revision has the power to entrance and provoke thought." PW's starred review calls this "a provocative inversion of the tale of Cinderella."

★Starred reviews from PW and Kirkus!

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Book 1 (of 4) of The Sherlock Files
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I hope you'll enjoy finding out about me and my work. I've published twenty books for young readers and one for adults. My nineteenth book, Dark of the Moon, is a retelling of the Minotaur myth. My most recent book, The Stepsister's Tale, is a Cinderella retelling (with a new twist, I promise!) published by Harlequin Teen.

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Anna of Byzantium

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A lively history of the people, culture, and achievements of ancient Greece.
Sometimes you don't know what really happened until you hear the other side of the story.
This tale of love, faith, and betrayal retells the myth of the minotaur as never before.
Homer's Odyssey as told by Telemachos, the son of Odysseus
Book 4 of The Sherlock Files
Book 3 of The Sherlock Files
Book 2 of The Sherlock Files
Book 1 of The Sherlock Files
Will Hector be able to right an ancient wrong?
Is helping a mysterious new friend worth the risk?
Intrigue in the world of medieval Byzantium

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