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The Case that Time Forgot in Japanese . . .

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The audiobook!

The Case That Time Forgot

A Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year (2011) and Junior Library Guild selection. Also published in Japanese, Turkish, and Korean, and as an audiobook. Coming soon in Chinese!

[T]he third mystery in the Sherlock Files series will please fans intrigued by ancient Egypt, codes, danger, and the tantalizing possibility of magic.

The action progresses pleasingly and the characters are a good mix of caution and risk. Even better, the story features some London locales and references to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories.
School Library Journal

This exciting mystery visits Sherlock-familiar places throughout London, and children interested in Egyptian gods and goddesses will enjoy all that it has to offer.
School Library Journal (review of audiobook)

This well-constructed book places the kids in the role of detectives, which is fun and interesting for a middle reader. This chapter book offers no illustrations; however, the story moves quickly. Some of the details are a bit more complex, leaning toward more advanced readers. An elementary or a middle school library would benefit from this book.
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